Voluson E8

The more patients you see, the more you need Voluson E8.

The Voluson E8 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy practices that conduct a wide range of Women’s Health exams, from routine scanning to complex assessments.

The imaging excellence of Radiance System Architecture - your diagnostic confidence will be enhanced by the extraordinary image clarity and speed of Radiant System Architecture*:

  • Advanced beamformer design - enhancing contrast resolution by moving more functions from hardware to software
  • High performance CPU - delivering faster processing speeds and frame rates
  • Parallel processing – improving image quality and frame rates

... delivering tools that allow for easy image acquisition, excellent color Doppler sensitivity and sophisticated 3D/4D technologies.

Excellent flexibility and efficiency - with access to automation and many advanced features from the Voluson E10, the Voluson E8 gives you the capabilities to:

  • Image a comprehensive range of complex women’s health issues
  • Enhance workflow efficiency and productivity
  • Deliver the high level of imaging excellence your practice demands
  • Meet your current needs and expand your services