Ultravision 3 - Negative Air Pressure

* Our Ultravision3  can perform as negative pressure machine for medical isolation chamber and positive pressure machine for medical operation station to protect medical workers.

• Our Ultravision3  meets the high standard of KCDC(Korean Center of Disease Control and Prevention).; maintaining negative pressure in a hospital room which can accommodates 1~6 patient (max. 112㎡ with 2.5m height)

• With our high-performance BLDC motor, Operators can control level of an output from 0 to 100 freely depending on their situations.

• Our Ultravision3  is designed to operate normally in the worst environment in bad weather (snow and rain) when installed in outdoors and negative pressure tent.

• Reinforced plastic case and high tension steel plate protect internal machine from unintended shocks and severe torsions.