Diagnostic EKG Cables & Accessories

FMT Diagnostic EKG Cables & Accessories:

FMT E-100, E-101, E-103 & E-104 series EKG cables are designed specially for diagnostic applications.

• All of the leads are clearly identified by color code and inerasable, embossed plastics location designator.

• To ensure correct application of the electrodes, their positions and color codes are indicated on the trunk cable yoke.

• FMT ECG cables are color coded and imprinted in either IEC or AHA protocols.

• Specially designed, fully shielded low noise cable minimizes electrical noise and interface to provide maximum signal quality. For additional signal protection semi conductive PVC layer used with inner shield.

• Specially designed, polyurethane jacketed yoke and lead cables, flexible bend reliefs at the connector and cable yoke provide extra durability and extend product life.

• Inner conductors of the cables are Kelvar filled tinned tinsel for strength and durability.

• FMT EKG cables use all medical grade Polyurethane, Santroprene, Polypropylene and ABS components. No LATEX. No PVC to maximize patient safety and comfort by minimizing the risk of bio-compatibility problems.

• FMT EKG cables can be supplied with or without resistors. 4.7 kΩ, 10 kΩ and 20 kΩ resistor options available.

• Resistors for defibrillation protection are safely housed in the cable yoke.

• Lead wires terminated to 4.0 mm nickel-plated insulated banana, 3.2 mm straight pin, snap or grabber.

• FMT also offers compatible leadwires for various ECG manufacturers.

• The wide range of available connectors make FMT diagnostic EKG cables compatible with most of the EKG devices in the market.

• FMT diagnostic EKG cables have part, lot and serial numbers to ensure equipment compatibility and product traceability.

• All FMT Products meet the requirements of the MDD 93/42/EEC&MDD 2007/47/EC and CE marked.