Logiq e

LOGIQ e Ultrasound 

The GE LOGIQ E is one of the most widely used LOGIQ E portable ultrasounds in medical facilities around the world. The LOGIQ E ultrasound is a laptop-style system that balances price and its shared service capabilities for OB/GYN, GI, cardiovascular, abdominal, and point-of-care applications. It’s designed with a range of customization capabilities to speed workflow and meet your facilities exact needs. This portable ultrasound machine can help with a needle guided injections, MSK, vascular, venous, and orthopedic procedures.

The LOGIQ E is an affordable solution for a quality machine that doesn’t compromise its size for its ability to perform. Aiding clinicians in providing better, more accurate diagnostic imaging, the LOGIQ E Ultrasound system integrates many groundbreaking technologies. This LOGIQ unit features TruScan architecture, PDI (Power Doppler Imaging), Panoramic images (up to 60cm), split screen, SmartScan, and ComfortScan technologies. Combining these technologies into one system helps to perform in some of the most diagnostic imaging applications including; anesthesia, head and neck, musculoskeletal, rheumatology, and more.

Did you know that the GE Ultrasound Machine is fully digital? It allows exporting to an external hard drive, network, flash drive, and DVD. Weighing only 10.1 pounds, this LOGIQ system is extremely portable. It serves as a reliable tool when conduction on-site scans. This LOGIQ system is loaded with anatomy specific presets and the ability to customize the display to show only the functions you need. Some of these functions include the ability to manually optimize or automatically optimize your images through anatomy specific image settings. This helps provide the improved quality and resolution of your images taken with the LOGIQ system.

  • 15-Inch Color LCD Display on the LOGIQ
  • 325 Frames (15 Sec) Standard CINE Memory (64MB)
  • External DVD R/W Storage
  • LOGIQ Automatic Optimization
  • ACE (Adaptive Color Enhancement)
  • Full M&A Calculation Package
  • Patient Information Database